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Potential Collaboration Between XOOPS and XC




なし Potential Collaboration Between XOOPS and XC

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mamba  1st Class   投稿数: 38
Kilica suggested that I post here as well a message about potential collaboration between XOOPS and XC communities, to get re-united again.

He posted my original email on the SourceForge Forums, so you can read more details there.

The basic idea is to explore possibilities of getting our two communities back together.

As they say, "United we stand, divided we fall", and this is definitely true of the XOOPS community. When we were working together, we were one of the best CMS in the world. When our communities went apart, we lost some of the visibility and presence.

The last few years we've been working very hard on rebuilding the XOOPS international community and on innovating XOOPS, and we did some good progress there:

- we got some good Awards, with the last one received just week ago in Korea at the 9th Annual Northeast Asia Open Source Conference
- our main XOOPS series just got a major upgrade with the XOOPS 2.5.0 release
- and we have the probably most significant XOOPS Update in years coming next year with the X3 Xoops Engine

But while we're making major progress in XOOPS, it would be even better, if we could work together, get reunited, and put our mutal talents and brains together to regain the position XOOPS once had in the CMS world.

I would love to hear from the XOOPS Japan community about this idea...
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